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Digitalizacija podjetja z AIBC

Digitalizacija podjetja z AIBC

EPEU novica: Prejeli smo subvencijo za digitalizacijo podjetja

EPEU d.o.o. has been awarded funding in the AIBC EUROCLUSTERS Open Call for Digitalisation Services and Product Development, which supports European companies (SMEs) in their digitalisation planning activities related to the activation of services and support for product development, to further support their dual transition (digital and green). It is targeted at European SMEs from the manufacturing, mobility, logistics and energy sectors working on AI&BC technologies and/or interested in adopting AI&BC solutions to become more digital, resilient and green.

Activities to be carry out: 

    Development of EMS system:

  • development of an AI model, including algorithms for optimizing the processes of solar inverters, battery storage systems, and electric vehicle charging;
  • implementation of a TensorFlow model for data integration and analysis;
  • comprehensive testing of the AI model and processing core to ensure reliability and accuracy of operation.

Provider: WAVENETIC d.o.o.

SME objectives and goals: 

  • developing of AI Model;
  • developing of AI Processing Core;
  • testing and resilience;
  • aiming that EMS system’s users can achieve up to 50% lower energy costs.

Duration: 4/4/2024 – 30/9/2024


Project funded under Agreement no. AIBC-DSPD2.2 related to AIBC EUROCLUSTERS Open Call for 

Digitalisation Services and Product Development.